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Victor Von Doom [userpic]

Library of Winds challenge:Out rage

August 16th, 2006 (12:50 pm)

Doom had been preparing for his speech. He had known what this would do to America. In fact he had been planning on it. He knew that the people would over-react to the situation at hand. That was a part of being the King of Latvaria. He had to be able to predict just how the people would react to any given situation.

The fact that the US Senators reacted this way was like giving him candy. Sweet tasty candy. He would admit he was mentally rubbing his hands together in glee.

He strode out to the stage he had set up for press conferences. He stood at the podium watching as the reporters tensed up. They had to wait before they could dare to ask questions.

“Citizens of the world. I ask you to calm yourselves right now. I, Victor von Doom, must speak to you. The recent events in New York are shocking, yes. But what the US Senate is starting to demand is even more so. They claim to be humanitarians. They claim to care for their fellow man but before the dust has even settled they start pointing fingers at the easiest target. We are ashamed of their short sighted views. They do not even bother to begin an investigation into what happened. They have not made efforts to protect the ones they blame this….unfortunate incident.” He paused to let his words sink in.

“They should allow the agencies who have stepped in to prevent civilians from being hurt to do their job. In fact this new witch hunt that may begin in America seems quite horrific. I had always respected the American government for allowing their people the liberties that they claim everyone deserves no matter what race or creed they belong to. To see them going against their history, culture, and on their word is very unsettling. Have they not learned from their past? From the world’s past? Who will they force to register next? People of a different sexual orientation, or of a different religion than what is ‘main-stream’? Or worse….Will they turn many of their young children into soldiers against other nations who do not share their views on how we choose to conduct our nations. I only ask you to keep open minds. In the event that America becomes a dangerous place for innocent people, I ask the rest of the world to deeply consider giving these people a safe haven. Know this; Doom of Latvaria will do so.”

Doom paused and scanned the crowd. He was done with his speech for now. He nodded to one of his aides and left. It was time to go to his study. He knew that many people would be arguing over what he had said tonight. Good. It would stir many fires of different kinds.

This pleased Doom.